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​"This was a warm and inviting environment for children. Our son has gained so much self confidence, and a love for school!" -Debbie D.

Mo. - Fri. 8:00-4:00*
Core Full Day Pre-K Session

Starting at $180/week.
This program includes structured learning during the morning with a focus on the development of the whole child which includes learning activities in the fine and gross motor, physical, cognitive, and social domain.  At noon, all students partake in family style dining* while teachers are sitting down to spend extra quality time with them. This is a wonderful opportunity to build on language skills while making new friends or trying new foods.   Since your student will have a busy morning, they will have an opportunity to rest before engaging in more fun and open-ended activities until they depart at 4:00 pm. Our students enjoy all the activities at Lighthouse but love having the opportunity to explore even more activities during the afternoon.  This session dismisses at 4:00 pm. 

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Morning Session + Lunch Bunch


Starting at $150/week.

Preschool and Lunch Bunch has always been a favorite at Lighthouse because it provides students the opportunity to attend from 8:00am-1:00pm.  Students in this group benefit from all the activities of the core program and get to partake in family-style dining* with the entire group.  This is a great session for parents who are looking for more than the typical 3 hours preschool program, or who may work part-time.  Students who may attend USD345 in the afternoon can be picked up at Lighthouse by the school bus but are not able to return in the afternoon.  This session dismisses at 1:00 pm but will work with earlier pickup times by the USD345 bus. 

*All students should bring a bagged lunch from home to be enjoyed individually around a table with their peers

Mo. - Fri. 8:00-1:00
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